Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanksgiving post...a month late

So I am about a month behind in posting family events and activities. So today we will try to catch up. Our thanksgiving was wonderful.. There were only 12 of us around the table but they were 11 of my favorite people so what more could you ask for? (Yes Cody you are one of my favorite people:-))
This is Ciara and Cody...
My spoiled rotten baby brother... and husband and son
The dinner table right before we sat down. My son convinced his G-ma to buy 7 bottles of "bubbly".. Apple cider... We drank all of them and the kids loved it...
This is my hubby and friend Brian preparing the turkeys the night before frying our yummy birds. We tried a different rub this year ( I added brown sugar... a deffinate must from here on out)
This is Jayden and one of our neighbor boys who spent part of the week of Thanksgiving with us. His mom was in Omaha with his G-ma who was fighting for her life. She came through... Lance calls Fay our come back kid. PTL!!! The boys are wrapping up our green been bundles.
I guess it would be too late to say happy thanksgiving... so Merry Christmas y'all.

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