Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Annual Community Christmas Pageant

Every year the Ainsworth womens club puts on a community Christmas pageant. It is held @ the school in the learning center. This year my girls were asked to sing. What a privelage and an honor. They sang "Not That Far From Bethlehem" and did a wonderful job if I do say so myself. Here are a few pics of the program.

Our church is located right across the street from the church and so our teens every year have a soup supper as a fundraiser. People come, eat soup and then go to the pageant. I sat down with a group of older ladies and they started telling me about the first program over 50 years ago. The first pageant was held outside downtown Ainsworth. They said that the fourth or fifth year it was a blizzard but they still had the pageant. They talked about layering their kids up so to stay warm through the pageant. I love stories and history like that.
Blessings and Merry Christmas to everyone!

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