Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Blessings

Happy fall blessings to you this FRIDAY!!! Love Schylar Raeann.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Girlfriends in God

This past couple of months I have been seeking reprieve from some issues/situations in my life that I want so bad to just run away from. I've talked to God... pleaded.. gotten angry.... with myself and with feeling like I was not being heard. The last couple of weeks I have felt forgotten, if I can be so bold. So first He sends a girlfriend with a gift and she says it's a "just because" gift. Did I see God's work in my dear friend? Nope...too busy feeling sorry for myself. Then He sends a card in the mail that touched me greatly and someone willing to help me in my times of need. I was greatful... but still feeling too"woe is me" to see God's hand. Sunday a friend comes to the door with another gift. It is a picture she has taken and attached to it the verse... Whatever things are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, of any virtue, and everything that is praiseworthy meditate on these things!.. I shed tears and feel touched by my friends gift. But still no one begins to understand the pain "I" am in. Last night as I am doing laundry, my daughter brings down the cutest little package.. Yet another gift from a friend for no reason at all. It's a little book of prayers by Stormie Omartian with room for your own prayers for your children. Thank you Jesus. So you think by now I would be seeing that all of these acts of kindness weren't random but were God sent... it took one more day and one more letter to finally bring me to my knees with gratitue for the God who sends friends to remind me that "He has not forsaken us". Today my letter was from a sister in Christ I had met some time ago and then a year ago at a teens retreat we were blessed with time together again. Her note stated that God had brought me to her mind on many ocassions this past year and wanted me to know she had and was praying for me. She chose this moment.. this week... this day to write her words of encouragement. I am reminded of the childrens song.. God is big.. God is big. God is very very very very big. Dear heavenly Father, please forgive me for taking my eyes off of you and on the pain I am feeling. May I use this time to praise you in the storms and praise you for sending not one.. but five reminders through "girlfriends in God". Amen....

In His Time

This past week my daughter received a call from a friend who had 1 extra ticket for the Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith concert in Omaha. NOT FAIR!!! "They're from my day"... I said. "I should be going, not my spoiled daughter". Needless to say God works in big and mighty ways when we remember that when he blessed us with our children, they are His.. only ours for a small time. I had for about a month some heartstrings being pulled with my baby girl and I had prayed that God would reveal them to her and remind her of who she is in Christ... not who she is here...with friends that don't understand when she won't drink... in her favorite sport when she is treated unfairly.... but who she is in Christ and in Christ alone. Needless to say, everything that Mom tried to say didn't come out exactly right but those good ole boys from my day got the job done! Way to go Steven and Michael. She came home refreshed and ready to stay the course. God is so good....

Monday, October 27, 2008

October.. homecoming...Ty's wedding

Greetings!! What a busy month we have had. I will work so hard at updating my blog more often. The whole idea of this blog was to keep friends and family not living close to us in the to speak. Sorry to let you down..

Ciara had a wonderful homecoming. She looked so beautiful for the dance and yes I may be a little bias...:-) Cody and her had a wonderful time. She also finished up her volleyball season. It was a very hard season and I am so proud of my daughter for staying the course. One of her coaches said she would not let Ciara give up on herself no matter what. Now that's a coach.
Jayden finished up his flag football season with 3 wins and 3 losses which put his team @ 2nd place for the season. I will try to post some pics yet tonight. He received a football for being player of the final game of the season and was very proud!
Schylar finished her volleyball season and has improved so much. She started almost every game and is such a darn cute volleyballer... She isn't going out for basketball but I'm sure she will keep busy with other things.
I spent 3 days in Omaha for school and Lance spent 3 days in Kearney for school as well. We are on the booster board this year and so homecoming was busy for us too with working a tailgate, puting a float together..(we got 1st!! although I think it had something to do with Jayden and two other boys on the float doing a little "bootie shaking"..).. We also worked the concession stand at the football game for homecoming. We sold 450 cups of hot cocoa... so you get the idea of how busy we were. In 7 days time this month I had been to Omaha, Kearney, and Sidyney.. poor suburban.. We will work at keeping up a little better from here on out... Hope this finds you all well and thanking the Lord for the beautiful fall colors. Wow is it beautiful or what? Blessings

Friday, October 10, 2008

weekly report

Just got home from the football game. Ciara performed great tonight on the dance squad. Our boys only lost by 1 point. They are playing so much better!! I spent the week in Omaha for continuing eduation courses. I ususally come home feeling like I have learned something but his years 10 hours truly were a waste of time. I spent Wednesday evening with my bro's fiance. We ate @ the Cheesecake Factory and it was great!! We talked wedding :) Can't wait.
Schylar had her last volleyball game of the season (8th grade) and they won!! She played awesome!! Jayden's flag football team lost their first game last night. They are 3-1 and we are so proud of him. They named their own teams this year and Jaydens team is the red hot pickles. Jayden even drew the mascott for the team.
WE leave in the morning for Sidney for my cousins wedding. Can't wait to see all the family. God speed!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

They won!!

Ciara won her game!!! It took three sets but they did it! It has been so much fun to see her improve this year. The wedding went well.... The Huskers lost:-(... and Jayden is now home from his football party and so is Sky. Lance watched the game here with a friend and I did laundry... Life is fun!! God Speed..

My very !st blog!!!!!!

Blessings to all!! I'm not sure how I think I will have time for a blog sight but I so enjoy my friends blog sights so decided it was time. What a great way to share with friends and family about our family and activities. It is Saturday and I have to officiate a wedding in a couple of hours and then on to Ciara's volleyball game. The boys are off hunting... they caught their limit of ducks this morning with Zack and Harlin and now are on their way to the cabin to put up a deer stand. Lance put his up a couple of weeks ago and said he'd help Harlin with his this afternoon. So welcome everyone.. feel free to leave messages and we'll see how consistant I am at this..