Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In His Time

This past week my daughter received a call from a friend who had 1 extra ticket for the Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith concert in Omaha. NOT FAIR!!! "They're from my day"... I said. "I should be going, not my spoiled daughter". Needless to say God works in big and mighty ways when we remember that when he blessed us with our children, they are His.. only ours for a small time. I had for about a month some heartstrings being pulled with my baby girl and I had prayed that God would reveal them to her and remind her of who she is in Christ... not who she is here...with friends that don't understand when she won't drink... in her favorite sport when she is treated unfairly.... but who she is in Christ and in Christ alone. Needless to say, everything that Mom tried to say didn't come out exactly right but those good ole boys from my day got the job done! Way to go Steven and Michael. She came home refreshed and ready to stay the course. God is so good....

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