Thursday, January 29, 2009

Past and Present of "The Palace"

My son was asked to play basketball this year for the Long Pine Polar Bears. The city ( well I'm not sure I should say city.. I think the total # in the whole town is 200-ish) sponsors a team every year for tournaments-about 4 in total. The best part of this is the fact that Long Pine is where my Dad went to high shcool. Two years after he graduated they closed the high school and about 10 years ago they closed the grade school.
This is a picture of the "Palace". That is the name of the gym building. This is the same gym floor my dad played on. I don't know why this touches me as much as it does but I love stories of our heritage and I love old buildings brimming with history.
The old architecure is beautiful. Give me something old over something new any day..(except for maybe a new suburban to haul my babies and their buds around in:-))
Here is a shot Jayden made. He and and his friend Brady tied with the highest points of the game... 8 points each. They won the game 35 to 26 I believe. The week before he had a tournament in Springview and they won 26-0 and 38-0. Pretty proud of the boy and so glad he takes after his Dad.
Speaking of taking after his dad, I would be happy if he didn't attract the girls the way Lance does. He had a total of 4 little girls wanting his attention. He's always been a good dad and attracks little kids wherever he's at. This is little Bria on his lap. She is a precious little girl who recently had a scare with cancer. We praise the Lord she is a o.k. and talk about melting my heart.
Jayden asked his Papa what his # was in high school so he could try for the same # on his jersey. Papa said -4... yes -4. Couldn't find it:-)
Here are the boys with the "Polar Bear mascot".
"Go Polar Bears!!"

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Do

This week has been a much better week for my girl. She found out that she was voted to be prom server which is quite an honor! So the prom dress shopping has begun! She also came home Tuesday with a new hair do. I still can't believe she cut it this short but it looks absolutely adorable on her. (Although I'm sure any cut would but I'm just the mom)
Tomorrow is Ciara's first speech competition of the year. She leaves on the bus @ 6:00 a.m.. She is doing OID this year as well as a duet. WE wish you the best our first baby!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Praise the Jesus!

O.k. so it's almost midnight and for the last three nights my amount of r.m. has been very limited. This last week has been a challenging week on my daughters. First of all my oldest has been learning a new pom routine and has felt that any move she makes is not good enougth for the one who made up the routine. One morning it was so bad that Ciara was chewed out in quite drama queen fashion in front of the whole squad. I am not one of those moms who believes that their kids are perfect and know that Ciara probably needed to work on her arms. However that being said, she has been belittled to a point that is hard for me to accept. We had been up two nights holding each move and checking her arms to make 'her' happy. So then Ciara went to practice, worked so hard and then asked if she had improved. I won't go into detail but pretty much was told maybe a little but you're still sloppy. So Thursday night as I tried to close my eyes to go to sleep, I began praying for insight into how to help Ciara. And for some reason I felt impressed to make muffins for the whole pom team. O.K. I'm sure you're asking yourself, "what does muffins have to do with anything?". But how many times in scripture do we read of Jesus telling those he loved as well as those who needed Him to "break bread" with him. So @ o'dark early (remember she has practice @ 7:00 a.m. every morning) I began making muffins. Ciara made it through the routine last night and might I say she looked awesome!! Her father even commented on how Ciara seemed to really stand out. She commented last night how nice the muffins were and how the girls really appreciated them. Did it fix the pain/problem? Maybe not but it gave the girls a chance to stop, take their minds off of straight arms and on to sitting down and being together as a team.

O.K., now on to Schylar. She has been very much being a loner lately with a lot of the girls that she used to be so close to doing things that she does not believe in. PTL that she stands strong but many times that means standing alone as well. So last night after the game she gets invited over to spend the night with four girls. Needless to say it did not go well. She was made fun of for not being developed yet and the girls also chose to do some things that Sky finds appauling. She said she was ready to walk home about 1:00 this morning. I made it very clear to remember that no matter what, I am always a call away and would have been honored to have come and picked her up. And Schylar being Schylar chose not to talk to me about this all day until tonight. The minute she got home this morning I knew something was wrong but always got the same answer, "I'm fine". Then tonight she comes upstairs in tears asking why she is like she is. I reminded her to not get her self worth from three girls that are making bad choices and to find herself in her creator. And as I sat there telling her all of this, my stomach is churning. We talked about opening her eyes to friends outside of her usual circle of friends. Then we prayed. Would someone please tell me why I waited to pray at the end of this talk instead of the beginning? Well my girl went down to bed and was back up in less than 10 minutes just to let me know... she felt like she was wrapped in Gods arms and was going to be just fine. So a very tired Mom opens her mouth and out comes "Praise the Jesus"!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bunny Hunt

What's up whoever is blogging or maybe I'm blogging and you are bloggers. It's all very confusing. You are lucky because you will read this in about thirty seconds and it will take me an hour and a half to type it. Rocky wanted me to say hey and tell you about my new second love. Bunny hunting with a bow. ( The wall is no longer a challenge because it won't run from me.) I was invited to a bunny hunt this last weekend and it was a blast! I managed to shoot a few rabbits and blow out a knee so a good time was had by all. Met some new friends and just hung out with a great bunch of guys. If you are a bunny lover we have something in common because my buddy made bunny and noodle soup and I love bunny too now! Blogger out.
P.S. my wife said this is her favorite pic of me.

Runner Up!

On Saturday Brad, Wendy, the boys, and myself made our way to Broken Bow the the District Hoop Shoot. As the picture shows.. the boys had good luck! Jake got first in his age group and will be advancing to State on February 14th @ Hastings. Jayden came away with runner up! Proud of our boys!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

Well father time has turned it's pages to a new year!
This is Scylar and Ellie's attempt @ making 2009 with fingers... and Schylar the only blonde!!!
Here's the biggest kid making some noise!!
And the confetti flew
and flew. Happy New Year everyone!!

Like Father, Like Son

Tonight @ 5:45 Jayden got a call from Jake saying there was a hoop shoot competition in 15 minutes at the community center. So we high tailed it over there. Jay was upset because he hadn't been practicing @ all. There were 4 in his group and he walked away with 1st place. Like father, like Son.. Glad he takes after dad , not mom.