Thursday, January 29, 2009

Past and Present of "The Palace"

My son was asked to play basketball this year for the Long Pine Polar Bears. The city ( well I'm not sure I should say city.. I think the total # in the whole town is 200-ish) sponsors a team every year for tournaments-about 4 in total. The best part of this is the fact that Long Pine is where my Dad went to high shcool. Two years after he graduated they closed the high school and about 10 years ago they closed the grade school.
This is a picture of the "Palace". That is the name of the gym building. This is the same gym floor my dad played on. I don't know why this touches me as much as it does but I love stories of our heritage and I love old buildings brimming with history.
The old architecure is beautiful. Give me something old over something new any day..(except for maybe a new suburban to haul my babies and their buds around in:-))
Here is a shot Jayden made. He and and his friend Brady tied with the highest points of the game... 8 points each. They won the game 35 to 26 I believe. The week before he had a tournament in Springview and they won 26-0 and 38-0. Pretty proud of the boy and so glad he takes after his Dad.
Speaking of taking after his dad, I would be happy if he didn't attract the girls the way Lance does. He had a total of 4 little girls wanting his attention. He's always been a good dad and attracks little kids wherever he's at. This is little Bria on his lap. She is a precious little girl who recently had a scare with cancer. We praise the Lord she is a o.k. and talk about melting my heart.
Jayden asked his Papa what his # was in high school so he could try for the same # on his jersey. Papa said -4... yes -4. Couldn't find it:-)
Here are the boys with the "Polar Bear mascot".
"Go Polar Bears!!"

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jenjen said...

Your son looks so cute in his uniform. I hope he has a great season. It's too bad he couldn't get the same # as his dad, oh well.

Have a great weekend!