Thursday, July 2, 2009

Father's Day Fishing Trip

Due to very unfortunate circumstances, my husbands work has been completely consuming him this past 2 months. He happend to have Fathers day off so when I asked him what he wanted to do this is what he chose. A boat, a lake, and a mentor and a mentee.
We fed our boys dinner and then on their way they went. This is my dad (who just had knee surgery 4 days prior) with a nice catch.
And the mentee with his pride and joy. I love his smile.
Not sure who enjoyed the day more. I do know memories were made and rest and relaxation were achieved.

There's something fishy going on

Two days before school was out, my son and a couple friends started going fishing as soon as school ended each day and it has yet to stop. "Mom I'm riding my bike to Skillman's pond.... Dad, would you take me fishing? Mom I'm going with such and such fishing." You get the picture. Here are a couple of bass caught from one of Jayden's and Lance's last outings.
They have started taking pictures so I don't comment on another likely fish story..
7 lb bass Lance caught.