Wednesday, October 28, 2009


You are looking at the next generation of the Clappers.....
One of my cousins and his family came up this weekend. My kids love family so much. It doesn't matter what your age, playing in the leaves is always fun.

Ciara's name in lights

Attention Ladies and Gents! This is my oldest daughter posing with the first time her name is in lights but deffinately not the last. Ciara tried out for the Nebraska All State Honors Choir and received the great news last week that she was chosen. Tryouts were a couple of weeks ago in Ogallala Nebraska during a snow blizzard. She will now travel to Lincoln Nebraska in mid November for practice and the honors choir concert. The bummer of the deal is that she is the only one going from A-Town unless the alternates are called. We plan on going down for her concert. My girls both are blessed with amazing voices. Good luck Ciara and your fam is soooo proud!!

Friday, October 23, 2009


4-1-1 That's the tally for this young mans football season and finish of his flag football career. Next year there will be pads, helmet, and a very nervous mom in the stands praying my way through each game.

Is he cute or what? Son is saying "Mom, can't we tell them about how tough and mean I am instead of how cute I am?" Well a mom must brag from time to time.

The boys had an amazing year. They won 4- lost 1 and tied 1 game.

We interrupt this football game to take a pic of the cheerleadas, cheering for the WRONG TEAM!!!. They were more than obliged to pose for a pic. One preciousness who is her mother through and through organized the group picture, re arranged her squad and then settled in with the perfect smile. (I love you Tammy!!:-))
Little Miss playing duck duck goose. (Honestly it's hard to focus on the game at hand when there's all of this preciousness going on all around you)

This is coach T. and he rocks! He was so good at keeping the boys focused and teaching them that there will be boys that cheat and tough calls from time to time but if we all just say "Awww chicken nuggets" and move on, it's all good. Thanks coach T.

Sorry for the fuzziness but boy this guy is hard to shoot- he is on a mission.

More fuzziness.

This was pre-game at the Philbens. Some good lookin boys I tell ya!

Some more pre-game craziness at the Philbens.

All I can say about this pic is this is one great big sis!!