Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Homecoming and the papparazzi

This past week was homecoming for our schools. Hard to believe this year that there were two Philben girls attending the Homecoming dance.
I love this pic... they don't.... too bad... it's moms blog:-)

This is the lineup of the papparazzi taking pics for the night. There were also two Dads taking pictures from the other side of the living room.

Ciara, Michael, Justin, and Megan. They looked so cute!

Nick, Sky, Allison, and Lane... too grown up:(
Sky with her flowers from Nick.

The girls all got ready together. They had a great time. Ciara always fixes everyone elses hair and never has the favor returned. This year Meggie fixed it for Ciara. She loved it. Thanks Megan!

The girls waiting impatiently... I mean patiently.
We made the son come home from football festivities for a quick photo opp. He was so happy.
The girls had lots of fun.
The "back side".
This is how the day began.. nails being painted and funnel cakes from Jayden's football party. Yes he shared!
The boys downing their red bulls. They tell me it's a ritual to have a red bull on game day. As long is it's only on game day I say why not? Oh and see the traiter in the middle? Yes that is a Texas shirt on at a Husker party. We're working on him.. check back in a year or two.
After the homecoming parade, we were sitting around talking and someone knocked on the door. There stood five 6th grade girls who just happened to be walking by on their way to a friends house and thought they should stop by and say hi to Jayden. I'm not sure who's smiling more... the girls or the son. As soon as the girls showed up, here came our neighbor boy for the photo opp. Darn sun made the pic a little blurry. sorry...
Pappa and Grandma came to the parade to see the girls dance their pom routine.
Pretty sisters...
Ciara and her class float

Sky on her float.
This was the booster float that we were in charge of. We won and I can't take any of the credit as my dear friend Lori worked her hiney off on it.
Jayden and friends @ the parade

My niece Savannah handing out candy.
Jayden on his float.
The girls playing JV volleyball. Not very often to you have the chance to get both of them in the same shot. And to top off the weekend, we had a surprise visit from my cousin and his wife and new daughter. This is Brynlie and we are in love!!
Thanks for stopping by and God bless!