Monday, October 27, 2008

October.. homecoming...Ty's wedding

Greetings!! What a busy month we have had. I will work so hard at updating my blog more often. The whole idea of this blog was to keep friends and family not living close to us in the to speak. Sorry to let you down..

Ciara had a wonderful homecoming. She looked so beautiful for the dance and yes I may be a little bias...:-) Cody and her had a wonderful time. She also finished up her volleyball season. It was a very hard season and I am so proud of my daughter for staying the course. One of her coaches said she would not let Ciara give up on herself no matter what. Now that's a coach.
Jayden finished up his flag football season with 3 wins and 3 losses which put his team @ 2nd place for the season. I will try to post some pics yet tonight. He received a football for being player of the final game of the season and was very proud!
Schylar finished her volleyball season and has improved so much. She started almost every game and is such a darn cute volleyballer... She isn't going out for basketball but I'm sure she will keep busy with other things.
I spent 3 days in Omaha for school and Lance spent 3 days in Kearney for school as well. We are on the booster board this year and so homecoming was busy for us too with working a tailgate, puting a float together..(we got 1st!! although I think it had something to do with Jayden and two other boys on the float doing a little "bootie shaking"..).. We also worked the concession stand at the football game for homecoming. We sold 450 cups of hot cocoa... so you get the idea of how busy we were. In 7 days time this month I had been to Omaha, Kearney, and Sidyney.. poor suburban.. We will work at keeping up a little better from here on out... Hope this finds you all well and thanking the Lord for the beautiful fall colors. Wow is it beautiful or what? Blessings

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