Wednesday, December 3, 2008

God is good post 2

Ready for God is good #2? Lance and I have been praying for him a prayer partner and an accountability partner. About a month ago I mentioned a young man that I thought would be a great fit for Lance. He is taking courses online to become a pastor and I love his wife!! (No that's not pertinant to a good prayer partner but just thought I'd say?!:-)) Anyhoo Sunday night as we were working on some projects together the phone rang. Jay gave it to Lance and he went into our bedroom and was gone for about half an hour. When he came out he was a blessed man. He shared with me that this young man that we had thought about as his prayer partner had been working that afternoon and the Lord put Lances face in front of him... Coincidence? I think not!!! One of our former pastors called them Godsidences (not sure of the spelling there) and I agree. So Lance has a Godly man to hold him accountable, pray with, and grow with. God is good post 2

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