Saturday, November 1, 2008

Welcome November!

What a beautiful November 1st! It has been a wonderful Saturday. The boys went hunting (no deer yet) and enjoyed the georgious day together. It thrills my heart when jayden and lance get to spend quality time like that together. Mom always prays that there is some talk on growing up to be a man of God.

The girls and I cleaned and then I had some time to play with some of my junk finds from the last year. I'm hoping to make a lot of my christmas gifts this year. My first piece was a small door. It has about half as wide as a normal door. I painted it black last night, then robins egg blue left over from Ciara's room and then I put a light coat of stain on it. I love the color. I'll try to post a pic tomorrow of it. I think I will turn it in to an organizing station with hooks for your purse, keys, etc. with maybe one section of the door with a marker board and a place for pics... We'll just have to see. It was fun to have time to just play today.

My brother from Olathe Kansas got into town about 3:00 and so we stopped and went out to eat with him. He's in town to vote on Tuesday. We don't get to see him often enough anymore but so enjoy our time with him when he is in town. Blessings to all and enjoy your Sunday!!!

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