Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sickly Philben Update

Greetings from the sickly Philben family. Lance is recovering from having a cold/flu last week and now Ciara and I are struggling with it. Jayden seemed to have minor symptoms over the weekend so hopefully he is over it and pray our Schylar doesn't get it. Ciara was so sick yesterday that she woke up and thought she was an hour late from pom practice. I stopped her before she left the house @ 6:15a.m.. Bless her heart. Today she is worse but says her life is too busy to be sick. She has 2 tests, a new dance routine they are learning for pom, and mandatory play practice for next weeks production. Only one more day and we can rest a little.

The girls and I had a great weekend in Fremont at camp Rivercrest. Our church holds an event called "Ignite". They have friends they have met from church camp and Ciara's trip to NYC and so it's so fun for them to catch back up with each other. This year the band "The Cause" was there and they were absolutely awesome. The kids worshiped and grew in the Lord... just what a mom would wish for her children. My Schylar came home touched and wanted to surround herself with christian friends.. It is so hard to come home to friends that don't desire to put God first and you do. I told her she needed to pick one person and pray for them and show them Jesus. The girls also competed in music while they were there. Schylar got second and Ciara got third in their solos. Pretty proud of my babies!!

Here's hoping no one else gets this crud..:-(
The Philbens

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