Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy 60th Aunt Louise :-)

Today we celebrated my Aunt Loie's 60th birthday! She lives in Denver and so it isn't very often that we get to celebrate her special day. This year she decided to go deer hunting with her bro's and so we decided to throw her a surprise party..

In front of our house we posted a sign that my darling son made that said "We support Aunt Louis (yep not aunt lois, aunt louis:-)) turning 60!! Then by the poster were a few support bras although as you see, Lance used them for other purposes.. Also notice the precious gift that Lance gave our Lois.. preperation H, stool softener... you get the idea.
So happy birthday Aunt Louis... hope you enjoyed your black tiara, black wand, black rose... and the support your family always provides for you!!

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