Saturday, November 15, 2008

To Paint or not to paint?!?!

O.K.,,, so here's the thing. I"ve been looking for a tall lamp for quite some time now but just didn't have $100 to throw down for one. My mother in law came over today and so we went to an auction and low and behold... here is my lamp..$8.00 later and now the infamous question. To paint or not to paint? I purchased a black lamp shade and now... what to do? Anyone have any good ideas? The color in the wood is pretty but I know there are some ingenious junque bloggers out there that know exactly what I should do. I thought of painting it silver with a black stain over it and then put faux silver tiger spots on the lamp. What do you think?

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hi, thanks for joining my blog, when you get to know me, you'll find that my motto is "if it's not moving, paint it white"! white goes with every color & decor, so there's no question that it'll fit right in :)