Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jayden's First Pheasant

Would you look at the handsome young man? Great hunter too! This is Jay's first pheasant and his Dad had it mounted for him.

Here's a close up of the lovely bird. Look at the beautiful turquoise/blue feathers. Oh what I could do with those! :-)

Here are Jayden and his best buds with their catch quite a while ago. Jayden asked if I ever posted this picture for his family to see. Lance and Jayden were introduced to bow hunting this past year and have really enjoyed it. It has brought some great friendships as well. I praise the Lord for these friends. They are great boys with great morals, love the Lord, and are happy for each other in all of their achievements, not jealous. Hard to come by today. And of course with great boys come great parents. We have truly been blessed with true friends this past couple of years.
I collect pheasant feathers and have two large vases full of them. I asked if I could have at least a few of Jayden's tail feathers. Not even funny... was the response.



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jenjen said...

Hi Roxanne --

Thanks for coming by today and for your sweet comments! I love coming by your place too! Your family is so cute and you are always up to something fun!

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