Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Even in Lincoln Nebraska, they can find each other!!

This past weekend Jayden was invited by his friend Jake to go to the Huskers game and he decided to go...I know what a surprise. Anyway, I received this picture yesterday in an e-mail from Zacks Mom. Zack, Jayden and Jake are our three musketeers and Zack was in Lincoln with his family for the game as well. And as kara said, even in Lincoln, they can find each other. Jay said he called Zack and asked where he was. Within 5 minutes they met up. Thanks for the picture Kara and thank you Jake for taking Jayden to one of the Huskers best games of the year! Go Huskers!!

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...more today than yesterday... said...

Gotta say - I'm a bit envious! I loved going to Husker games when I was in law school in Lincoln, and can't wait to go back to one someday. They are such an experience and are so much more than "just a football game!" Go Big Red!!